Piece of cardboard found on floor. An abstract miniature. I like the spaghetti highlights and hint of green herb in top left corner. Pre blog I would have taped this found object to a page in my sketchbook. I have a row of old sketchbooks on my bookshelf, multiple gray square books purchased from an art store down the street from my old Hells Kitchen apartment. I have never found that same gray book since, and I barely keep a sketchbook anymore. Is a blog the new sketchbook? Funny how I made those books yet rarely looked through them. Sometimes when I pack them up for another move or arrange them on some new shelf I flip through their pages. They always make the move. Their insides remind me of how a certain painting started, or show me where a chorus was first scribbled, but mainly I don't like to remember what I was doing or where my thoughts were. Maybe someday I will. I guess I just like to trace the path of an idea.What will possibly become of this spaghetti square?