Human Nature

What kinds of problems does working in a public space pose? Does it demand different ways of thinking?

'There needs to be a more direct approach. The work should get a universal reaction. No one [member of the public] has any more information than anyone else. If you go into a gallery, you know specifically what you’re looking for. In public, the situation should be as democratic as possible. The work should be as simple, dumb, or as stupid as possible. So far, I’ve done five different bodies of public sculpture: the rainbows, the trees, the masks, the scholar rocks and this project. A rainbow is stupid, a human figure is stupid, and I’m stupid in saying so. The work is meant to be basic. But I never say why I’m doing what I’m doing. I believe if you explain it as accurately as possible, as true to the material, then you have a lot of information.'

-Ugo Rondinone in response to a question regarding his public installation 'Human Nature' currently in Rockefeller Center. 
I keep thinking about his response. I very much want to see this work!