I forgot about you. Today I remember with Brutalist art and research for things to come...


2500 pound dream come true. Solid concrete. This is Whoa Nelly outside collectors house.
Wanton day.
Handmade demo. Mannequin Baker 2015.
From my mom. Circa 1968.

Jungle Red Sunset and Vine Perfect Kiss.
She made a drawing of my drawing. Best thing ever.


Played at Slims last night. I wore a jungle patterned pant suit. My body was wrapped in lions, gazelles and tall elephant grass. I felt fearless. 


Photo by Soleil Konkel

Some people get more sad than others. If you feel the sad strong, stronger than others, that means you have the ability to feel the good real strong too. I remind myself of this and wait for the good. I make a new painting. I write a new song. These good things come from a heavy heart. I get it out and then I get it. I get the impermanent nature of feelings. I think I feel like me. I think I look like me. 



Geometric Desire, my solo show, at Light Art+Design Gallery
Catalogue available if you ask me for one.